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                                                           ELVES FOR ELDERS®

BLS and the Area Agency on Aging of Pasco-Pinellas, Inc. acknowledge

Aging Solutions, Inc. Office of the Public Guardian,

for establishing the Elves for Elders ® program and for allowing

BLS to utilize its name and expand the program

in order to serve needy individuals in Pinellas County, Florida.

Elves for Elders® is a grass roots community effort that recognizes the huge commitment guardians and case managers have taken on. Some guardians and case managers even take on wards pro bono. The purpose of Elves is to provide gifts for those who might otherwise be forgotten during the holidays.  Elves connect gift givers with seniors who are less fortunate wards of the court or case managed during the holidays.   We hope that while providing a gift for the indigent senior, the guardians and case managers will feel that a small part of the burden of caring for the ward is shared. 

 Last Holiday season was the 8th year the Better Living for Seniors (BLS) Resource Committee provided Elves for Elders in Pinellas County.  Last year, holiday trees were placed all over Pinellas County in some Walgreen's Pharmacies, four Big Lot's stores, an office building on Pasadena Blvd, several Churches, and a tree at the Area Agency on Aging's Better Living for Seniors Consortium. There was even a tree in a Beauty Shop. Gift tags for seniors who had a guardian or case manager or caregiver were placed on those trees.  Soon gifts began arriving.  The generosity of our givers was incredible.   More than 350 wards received gifts such as robes, lap blankets, stuffed animals, snacks, clothing, toiletries, and room decorations. 

For more information regarding the Elves for Elders program, please go to the Elves website:  For questions

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